Trending Real Estate Reels to Go Viral With in 2024

In our fast-paced media world, trends change often. We want to help keep you up to date with the best current practices…

Note: Engaging Reels with viral music generally are a great strategy. Also, carousel posts continue to perform well if engaging enough. To find viral music or viral Reel ideas, it’s always best to either be a practitioner and use the app, looking at content in your Explore section and checking what posts get a lot of likes, comments, shares and saves, OR work with your social media team/consultant on this!


  1. Luxury Property Tours – take a video in an impressive property, ideally luxurious properties, and ideally include a person in the video showing the property. The more you record, the better, we can edit these later for you. We can use these videos to create a fast-paced Reel with viral music, and we might focus on the most impressive aspects of the property.

Why It Works: Viewers always love to see properties that inspire them and often will share, save or watch these Reels in full, which is how Instagram would show more people your Reel.

Example Reel: 

Example Ideas: Start with the agent at the front of the property and walk in showing all the interesting features or rooms of the property. Spend about 1-3 minutes doing this in one non-stop video.


  1. Short Informative Reels – 5-10 second videos of you, ‘the personal brand’, doing almost anything! Standing around drinking a coffee, working at the computer, walking into or around a property, etc. The more aesthetic or visually appealing the video, the better the overall Reel would be so try to choose as interesting a scene as possible. Then we would need to add informative information as text overlaid onto the video. The more unique and exclusive the information is, the better the Reel would perform. It’s wise to begin these with a ‘hook’ (ex. here are 3 things you can do in 5 minutes today to help activate old leads) and then valuable advice that delivers on that hook. The advice text can be on the video or in the captions.

Why It Works: If viewers watch your Reel in full or multiple times, this helps reach more people. Furthermore, if your Reel is saved or shared with others often, it would also help. So the information should be as rare and important, or even timely, as possible. 

Example Reel:

Example Ideas: You can share information about new zoning updates, new regulations or policies, recent predictions, etc.


  1. Fast-Paced Compilations – 5-20 second Reel that changes a clip almost every second. These Reels require many different video scenes or even images to use to create the compilation. This is a great way to promote a listing.

Why It Works: Viewers like inspiring and fast-paced content and again, will watch through the whole video, save and share the Reel if it is attention-grabbing and engaging enough.

Example Reel:

Example Ideas: Feature several listings or one listing with clips of each area/feature/room.


  1. Choose your favorite house – 5-20 second Reel showing multiple houses, rooms, gardens, or other home features, numbered from 1 up, with a title asking viewers to choose their favorite one by commenting the number. 


Why It Works: The gamification aspect can help viewers to continue watching and to comment.

Example Reel: 

Example Ideas: Feature several listings (past or present) or promote one listing (by asking which feature or room of the home viewers like most).


  1. ‘Hooks’ on a banner at the top of your Reel – Add a banner with the hook, usually a question that gets answered in your video or the main message of your video, to help engage your viewers to watch the full video. Especially true for videos where you’re speaking, viewers want to understand what you’re talking about or what your point is immediately so giving them this, in the form of a banner at the top of your video, helps viewers stick around and helps you reassure them you’re not wasting their time.


Why It Works: Viewers have short attention spans and want to ensure they’re getting something of value from your content. This helps get to the point, or communicate the general idea, as soon as possible.

Example Reel: 

Example Ideas: Why you should/shouldn’t invest in [LOCATION] in 2024? Where will the best value for money be found in 2024? This will change everything in [LOCATION] real estate in 2024!


Keep an eye on your Instagram insights to see how well new strategies perform and remember – each post may perform very differently and is not always a clear indication of whether a strategy works or not. No strategy is guaranteed and consistency in activity while trying new things is always the best approach.

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