Buzzy Agents is always interesting in growing our team with people like you. We have a diverse range of positions available with various arrangements including full-time or part-time employment, agency-within-an-agency mentorship opportunities and freelancing roles. Get in touch with us to discuss what we can do together.

The Agency That Coaches Other Agencies

Our team at Buzzy Agents is responsible for the success of not only hundreds of real estate agents, but also other consultants & agencies. Our experts have been in digital marketing for dozens of years combined.

Buzzy Agents Leaders Program

The Benefits of Entrepreneurship with the Support of a Company

The partnership is intended to help create independent consultants who use our systems, brand and support to grow and operate an operation of their own within our company. This can also lead to a mentorship role in which you can recruit and train other consultants and become partnered with them as well. The goal is to help professionals become entrepreneurs and grow the skills it takes to become a successful one.

This role requires similar work it takes to grow your own business, so it will not come easy. You will have to do work to generate and sell your own leads based on our proven strategies. If you do not want to have that level of responsibility or feel you would be better off launching your own business from scratch, this is not the right fit for you. Having been in both positions, I can say that this is the best launchpad to become a successful entrepreneur. In addition, this beats doing this on your own since you can benefit from having a team of people with different skills to lean on (such as ads, sales, etc.) and there is no limit to growth – you can build your own team and even retire early based on our methods.

We provide:

  • Instagram accounts to use for lead generation (we have a DM strategy to get new clients) and large real estate accounts with thousands of already opened messages with real estate agents
  • Mentorship or support
  • All the strategies, systems and methods you need
  • Our brand
  • Bi-Weekly Payouts of 50% rev-share, no expenses deducted (you earn more than we do)

Why Work with Buzzy Agents?

  • Work from anywhere
  • Self-manage
  • Learn & develop universal skills
  • Be part of an international team of experts
  • Opportunities to advance in your role or try new roles
  • Business mentorship opportunities
  • Ability to grow & manage your own business with us

The Premiere Choice for Real Estate