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Instagram Influence

Approximately one-third of the world’s internet users regularly use Instagram. Instagram is a real estate agent’s best friend but too many agents are grossly underutilizing this magical brand- awareness and lead generation machine. Utilize our proven strategies & be a market leader on Instagram.

Instagram Influence

Buzzy Agents top the lists of best real estate social media accounts. Instagram marketing is more important than ever for real estate agents & those who thrive on Instagram get more leads, close more deals, and earn more. With millions of our own followers on Instagram & millions of followers gained for real estate agents, we’ve mastered Instagram to help you reach your goals.

Instagram Influence




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Buzzy Agents Content Masterplan™

These are just some of the type of posts we use in our Content Masterplan strategy. Stop guessing what to post. Use a proven strategy with a purpose.

Personal Brand

Account Management

Most real estate agents do not have a strong social media strategy or the time to create, execute & optimize one. With proven results, our team has the knowledge & resources to make sure your social media accounts are optimally and effectively active, well-branded & ready to convert.

Social Posts

Social media posts should be engaging and informative, bringing value to your target audience every time. Whether it be a market update, advice for home sellers or listing features, we design posts to stand out above the rest and keep your audience coming back for more.

Instagram Growth

At Buzzy Agents, we’ve built a large part of our reputation on helping real estate agents reach their audience and build a community. Agents often ask us to help them reach a certain size of following such as 10K or 100K as a measure of their success on social media, which comes with countless benefits. Let’s discuss your custom Instagram growth campaign today.

Trusted by the top agents in the US

We are honored to work with some of the best in the business and be of service. Businesses grow fastest when relationships do.

Real Estate’s Best Kept Secret

“I recommend real estate agents check out Buzzy Agents. They’ve grown my Instagram audience from 7k to 225K, my engagement has skyrocketed & my branding went to another level. The advice and professionalism has been excellent & I use Buzzy Agents to stay relevant & stay top of mind. Buzzy Agents helped make me an influencer online. ”

Peter H. Hernandez
President, Western Region, Douglas Elliman


Who is Buzzy Agents?2023-08-13T20:27:59+00:00

Buzzy Agents is a boutique branding company offering programs & services to help real estate agents convey and grow their brands online. Our clients have sold over $1 billion in real estate while working with us, generated over 100,000 leads, worked with over 100 clients and grown more than 5 million followers.

What can you do for me?2023-08-13T20:17:00+00:00

Buzzy Agents can help you convey and grow your brand online. We help you:

  • Grow your audience
  • Look amazing online
  • Engage your audience regularly
  • Have a clear strategy
  • Attract new clients
  • Stay top of mind with your sphere of influence
What makes your program better than the others?2023-08-13T20:06:52+00:00

Our team has been working with real estate agents for several years already with results and our program  has been designed specifically for real estate agents to develop their brand online. Our program covers all important areas of a real estate agent’s online brand.

How do you measure success?2023-08-13T20:21:37+00:00

We measure success using our KPI’s (key performance indicators) like engagement rate, followers, and more, when we get you from Point A to Point B…

Point A:

  • Small audience, not growing followers
  • Online brand is non-existent or not reflective of true personal brand
  • Not very active
  • Not engaging or reaching target audience
  • No or poor quality content
  • No direction

Point B:

  • Acquiring new followers daily
  • Amazing branding
  • Actively engaging target audience daily
  • Excellent content
  • Clear guidance
Do I have to create content?2023-08-13T20:13:17+00:00

It is important that you create content (photos, videos) for your online presence. Buzzy Agents will guide you on how to become a content creator.

Would I get the same results on my own?2023-08-13T20:05:16+00:00

Real estate agents are not able to replicate the Buzzy Agents method on their own without access to our program. Our strategies encompass all possible methods which we have tested and developed through years of working with real estate agents. From our extensive experience, we have confirmed that there is a clear difference when working with Buzzy Agents and when approaching online branding for real estate agents without Buzzy Agents.

What does it cost?2023-12-11T20:48:50+00:00

Please view our Services page for specific pricing.

Is there a contract?2023-08-13T20:03:08+00:00

We do not lock our clients into contracts.

How do I sign up?2023-08-29T10:17:47+00:00

The best way is to contact us and now to find out if you would be a good fit.


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