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All you need to elevate your branding to the highest level. Pay more attention to your brand than the average agent so the market can do the same.

Brand Kit

A brand kit is a compilation of visual materials and assets for maintaining a consistent brand visual identity. Brand kits are essential and efficient tools that dictate style rules for color palettes, typography, logo designs, and other brand elements so that marketing materials are cohesive and recognizable to a target audience.

When you try to relate your favourite brand to something, what comes to mind? a company’s name written in a stylish font, a logo, colours, or package branding? All of these branding components make up a typical branding kit.

Whatever your business goal is your brand should convey it without words.

Brand Kit

  • Personal logo
  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • AR filters
  • Story tags
  • Social media templates
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Logo Design

A strong logo garners interest, leaves a lasting impression, forms the basis of your brand identity, is distinctive, differentiates you from competition, encourages brand loyalty, and is expected by your target market.

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Color Palette

When creating an interface, UI designers employ a colour palette, which is a collection of colours. Color palettes can serve as the visual foundation of your brand, help you maintain consistency, and improve the aesthetics and usability of your user interface when utilized properly.

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Typography is the art of positioning letters and text so that the reader can easily read, understand, and find the material visually pleasing.

It involves the typeface, style, and structure, with the goal of evoking particular feelings and communicating particular messages. 

Your typography should offer a great user experience, enhance readability and accessibility, and guide and enlighten your users.

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A consistent brand appearance will make you identifiable and evoke your brand values to your user. Templates are a great way to quickly generate on-brand material and can be created for emails, social posts, letterheads, business cards and more.

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Who is Buzzy Agents?2022-12-05T18:32:37+00:00

We are a team of Instagram and marketing experts working exclusively with real estate agents for several years with proven results to the strategies that we have developed with real estate agents. We have sold over $5 billion in real estate online, generated over 100,000 leads, worked with over 500 clients and grown more than 25 million followers on Instagram.

What can you do for me?2022-12-05T18:32:43+00:00

Buzzy Agents can turn you into a market leader and Instagram influencer to utilize your Instagram account as your online office-front. You will generate huge top-of-mind awareness, more business, and solidify your brand and online reputation. Real estate agents depend on Buzzy Agents to grow their business and brand.

What makes your service better than the others?2022-12-05T18:33:19+00:00

Our team has been working with real estate agents for several years already with big results, including helping create Instagram influencer accounts in the real estate niche. We have grown multiple accounts up to the 6 and 7-figures in following and generated large real estate sales using Instagram. Our track record for real estate on Instagram is unmatched.

How do you measure success?2022-12-05T18:33:31+00:00

Each and every client has different goals and that’s we work with you one-on-one to determine what they are. Once we do, we’ll check in with you regularly with updates and successes. If something is not working, we’ll determine why and re-work our approach to achieve your goals.

Who provides content?2022-12-05T18:33:49+00:00

If you have content of your own, you can share it with us for use in the posts we design, and we recommend doing this. Otherwise, we are able to curate all required content 100%.

Would I get the same results if I just post good content on my account?2022-12-05T18:33:57+00:00

No. Our strategies encompass all possible methods which we have tested and developed through years of working with real estate agents on Instagram. From our extensive experience, we have confirmed that there is a clear difference when working with Buzzy Agents and when approaching Instagram marketing without us.

What does it cost?2022-12-05T18:38:17+00:00

Please contact us to receive a quote for your unique needs.

Is there a contract?2022-12-05T18:38:35+00:00

No contract is required! If you would prefer to have a contract in place with us, we can offer you one at your request.

How do I sign up?2022-12-05T18:38:27+00:00

The best way is to contact us here and now!


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